Cartel Showcase pt.iii - Black Pine Coffee Co.

It's the hottest new property on Great Western Road - Black Pine Coffee Co. Owned and operated by Pete Duthie, the most handsome man in coffee and more importantly a damn good barista. Formerly running a pop-up bar in Badlands Barber next door, Pete made the move to his own premises so that he could stretch his legs and expand on the offering.


Expect a chilled out vibe, good tunes and a nice range of reading material including one of my favourite books of all time: Cabin PornMoreover you'll find some of Glasgow's finest sweet treats and Pete will be slinging espresso, batch brew and hand brew in his casual, competent style. Right now you can find our Colombian Excelso in the hopper: notes of caramel, honey and hazelnut.


You can also find the odd hound in Black Pine too - including Pete's Frenchie Bronson, who now owes me one football after his latest visit to The Cartel. The thing we like most about Pete and Black Pine is that there are no pretensions, no ego and just one agenda: be yourselves. And so far it seems to be working. We'll be aiming to do something cool with Black Pine at the start of 2018, so watch this space.  

Pedro is good on the socials too. Get yourself over to the Black Pine Insta here: Black Pine's Instagram

You can drink coffee by The Good Coffee Cartel at Black Pine six damn days of the week.

Tuesday-Friday 8-5, Sat 9-5, Sun 10-4.

518 Great Western Road, Glasgow.

And it is with pistols in the air and a yelp of delight that we welcome Pete and his Black Pine bandwagon to The Cartel. 


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