Cartel Showcase pt. IX: Sprigg

The Cartel family is starting to grow rapidly. Our latest addition to the squad is Sprigg - an urban food takeaway in the heart of Glasgow's Merchant City. Sprigg is all about simplicity and quality. Their menu is uncomplicated and their pricing straightforward. Owner Tom is looking to revolutionise takeaway food and Sprigg are taking on the big generic chains of the city centre. Early reports would suggest they're winning. 

Fresh ingredients make up their salad bowls and snacks, and with baked goods from Freedom Bakery and coffee from the Cartel biyz surely you could want for little else. Currently serving some of our Colombian Caldas as a single origin espresso on a stunning Kees van Der Westen Mirage which sits in pride of place at the front of the shop.

In a bold move, Sprigg is also one of the first coffee shops in Glasgow to be completely cashless - EVERYTHING IS FREE. No that's not what cashless means just pay with your card innit.

Sprigg has a tasty looking Instagram which you can look at if you click here: Sprigg's Instagram.

They'll be open 7am-7pm Monday to Saturday.

And with a kick of the heels and a cheeky wink to the camera we welcome Sprigg to The Good Coffee Cartel.