Cartel Showcase pt.v: Toro Coffee

Completing the Five Points of the Cartel, it's the brave, bold, bulging, buoyant Ross Walker and his Toro Coffee. It's about bloody time we did this showcase, because Ross and his partner-in-crime Tony have been accelerating into the world of good coffee at a high rate of knots.

 Setting up shop in the Mohair Barbershop on the Trongate, the self proclaimed 'barista bams' have been knocking down doors and serving up some of the tastiest coffee that side of Glasgow has ever seen. They have already outgrown their first one-group machine, switching up to a workhorse two-group Zoe so they can double the trouble, and they're already formulating plans to take things to the next level. 

Not only is Ross one of the most gentlemanly baristas available, he is also a very talented photographer (evidenced above). After a busy few years of doing wedding photography, he realised he was missing the thrills and spills of the coffee game. So concocting the most elaborate coffee heist of the century, he co-opted a bit of space in Tony's Mohair Barbershop and they've been wrassling espresso based AND brewed coffees out of there like there's no tomorrow. 

This is becoming quite the little squadron, and we're delighted to have Toro on board. This is how we're aiming to shake up the system. It's near impossible for just one company to 'revolutionise' the coffee industry - it's going to take an army to show everyone that you don't need to settle for the chains, the generic, the mundane, the mediocre. It'll take an army to make our methodology - our ethos - undeniable. And by ethos we mean our shared ethos: the ethos that anyone who roasts, brews and serves speciality coffee should have: commitment to flavour, quality and fair practices at origin.

We're building that army now. Don't be late. You'll be left behind. 


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