Cartel Showcase Crafty Distillery

When we set out the foundations for The Good Coffee Cartel one of the things we wanted for our wholesale business was to work not just with coffee people, but to build a squad of people from different disciplines, a ragtag band of outlaw ninjas who simply share our ethos of quality and honesty.

So far we have done that primarily within the coffee circles. But now we're stoked to have partnered up with Scotland's hottest gin distillery, located in the beautiful borders. Crafty Distillery is keeping everyone in good spirits.

The distillery based in Galloway is a place that creates their own base spirit (one of only four gin companies in Scotland who do this - everyone else uses factory base from the same place, just using different combinations of botanicals and smart branding), and use a careful concoction of botanicals and ingredients to create something truly remarkable: a gin that tastes like no other on the market. Hills & Harbour is smooth, balanced full of amazing flavour and you can drink like 15 of them and not feel that bad in the morning. 

Worth a visit for the gin alone, but those Crafty buggers are about to launch their 'Galloway Picnic' concept in the Tree Bar & Cafe at the visitor centre. Focusing on local producers: award-winning smoked meats, cheeses, bread and of course coffee from The Cartel. The idea is very simple: pick up a basket, chopping board and bread, pick items in multiples of three from the chiller and then picnic your little guts out with coffee or gin to wash it down. The view from the distillery is also quite incredible:

Courtney and I often find ourselves looking at buildings or spaces and saying to each other "that would make a cool roastery". The distillery is a unique space that instantly made us feel jealous. It's simple, sharp and beautiful. It would make a cool roastery but it makes an even cooler gin distillery. 

Look out for their signature gin: Hills & Harbour, and be prepared to abandon all other gins. It will open your eyes. Scotland truly is home to some of the finest producers, and this gin is a success story. In a saturated market, Hills & Harbour is gaining recognition up and down the country and if you can't find it in your local bar, then you need to change what bars you frequent.     

So it makes sense for us to team up. The same care, dedication and principles of quality without cutting corners that they apply to distilling, we also apply to roasting coffee and it's really cool to be present in a different industry who share so much of the same ethos and challenges. And also one who will sort us out with gins when we come down to do coffee training. 

You can keep up to date with the Crafty boys gin-centric bantz on their Insty. Get it checked by clicking here: Crafty's Insta

 You can drink coffee by The Good Coffee Cartel at Crafty Distillery Monday-Friday 10-6.

Crafty Distillery: Wigtown Road, Newton Stewart, Galloway, DG8 6AS.

The ethos of Crafty Distillery is 'Tasty & Honest': one which we share ourselves and so it is with delight, a hoot & a howl that we welcome the Crafty Crew to The Good Coffee Cartel.