Cartel Showcase pt.vii: Cornerstore Coffee Bar

Busting neighbourhoods wide open with good coffee is what we like to see. Battlefield is the next neighbourhood that will be enjoying coffee by The Good Coffee Cartel at the Cornerstore Coffee Bar. 

Seasoned coffee veteran Adri Matteoni - the brains behind Glasgow's Papercup Coffee & Peña, and more recently (with help from partner Stephi) Tempura Kiro - is back in the game with more coffee and good food for another neighbourhood. Along with Steph, the Cornerstore is run by locals Anya & David providing simple but high quality sandos, cakes and banana bread that will make your eyes roll into the back of your head it's so freaking good. More importantly, they're running the GOOD stuff from The Cartel alongside it. 

Part of the mission of The Good Coffee Cartel is to help people bring good coffee to new neighbourhoods. We're doing it with our own espresso bar in Kinning Park and it's encouraging to see it happen elsewhere in the city. 

Cornerstore definitely is worth a follow for those interested in well-thought-out pictures of toasties and coffee. Get it checked by clicking here: The Cornerstore Insta

You can drink coffee by The Good Coffee Cartel at The Cornerstore every day 730am - 5pm. 

Cornerstore Coffee Bar, 186 Battlefield Road G42 9JT.

So with a ripple of applause and a slightly awkward standing ovation, we welcome The Cornerstore to The Good Coffee Cartel.