Cartel Showcase pt.viii: Mayze

When you think of a maze, what's the first thing you think of? It's David Bowie in very tight tights isn't it - the goblin king of the Labyrinth, prancing around with a glass ball and causing all sorts of problems for Sarah and gang and if you don't get this reference who are you? Google it up and shame on you.

What we're getting at is that you wouldn't necessarily associate the word 'maze' with the best freakin' coffee you've ever had in your life. UNTIL NOW!

Out of the ashes of The Cran in Finnieston comes 'Mayze' - same great team that brought you Something Brewed, same great concept (loads of veggie and vegan treats) new location and renewed energy. 

Gillian & Craig (the coffee bar couple) managed to turn around the shopfit in a couple of weeks and create something very unique and interesting. At the same time they kept together the good group of people who were responsible for the success of their first venture, filling the shop with good vibes.

If you want a closer look, then do you know what Instagram is? Click this bit for Mayze's Instagram.

Mayze is open 8-5 Monday to Friday, 9-5 Saturday, 10-4 Sunday. 

Get 'em checked.