Cartel Special Teams pt.i: Kaf

Here is where we introduce the first of our Good Coffee Cartel Special Teams. The Special Teams are mostly (but not always) coffee focused businesses who regularly toggle through coffee from some of the best roasters in the UK and beyond - and in this instance have either collaborated with us, or decided to showcase our coffee in their hopper for a limited time only. 

Kaf is a speciality coffee shop and bakery in Partick, Glasgow. Owned and operated by Leo - the charismatic front woman and creative force behind what has fast become one of Glasgow's go-to places for the highest level of coffee and a unique menu. Always interesting with their coffee choices, we thought that for the first Special Teams  it would be a good opportunity for us to highlight the differences in flavours between processing methods - and Kaf was a perfect place to do that. 

As with a lot of what we do at the Cartel we prefer to show you stuff about coffee, rather than just tell you stuff about coffee: which is the seed of the idea for this project that we're doing with Kaf. What we have here is one coffee - Finca La Torre from the Acatenango Valley of Guatemala - which has been processed two different ways.

With the Washed process, the focus is on exactly what is INSIDE the coffee cherry. All of the fruit is removed from the coffee seed before they are dried. Natural processing leaves the fruit on the seed, allowing some fermentation and sugars to develop. The differences between the processing methods can be tasted in the final cup. 

Where washed coffees can have great clarity, naturals tend to have exaggerated sweetness and fruity notes - often described as having a funkyness. That's why we offer these coffees as a pair, so you can taste for yourself. 


At Kaf you can expect everything executed with style, and of course that extends to both the coffee and food menu. The minimal decor and tight branding is very considered. It seems Leo has been brave enough to breeze past any 'advice' that was thrown her way in the early stages of setting up and is doing things exactly the way she wants them to be. Ironically, in not trying to please everyone she is pleasing so many people that Kaf is regularly stowed out on the weekends. Some people can just see further than others I suppose. Leo also does a tasty line in baked goods. Yer brownies, yer nutter butters, yer pastries and so on. Get them checked, they will change your life.        


You will be able to taste coffee by The Good Coffee Cartel at Kaf for a limited time - from the 2nd of January 2018. There will also be some dinky little retail boxes featuring both coffees, which you could - if you wanted - buy for yourself or someone you like. 

5 Hyndland Street, Glesga, G11 5QE.

And finally if you want to see an Instagram account that will make you instantly crave pastries straight to the face, it's: Kaf's Insta.

So there goes yer Kaf - welcome to the Special Teams. Look out for more Special Teams coming in 2018.