Cartel Special Teams pt.ii: Cult Espresso

Putting the 'Special' in Special Teams, it's the bold team at Cult Espresso. Ever been to Edinburgh? You should go. Never been to Cult? The trip would be worth it for that alone. Garry Stone is at the helm, with an espresso slingin' wild bunch in support - including dad Kevin, brother Jason and some guy called Drew who they can't seem to get rid of.

When you look at great teams you think 1996 Chicago Bulls, you think Brazil 1970, you think 2013 All Blacks. You can add Cult 2015-18 to that list. If amazing coffee and a tight wee food menu is a given, it's the vibe in there that is remarkable. They've created a family atmosphere there where everyone is welcome, no subject is off the table and the general idea is to just push great coffee as far as it can go. You can also variously find them rolling mob heavy through coffee festivals, generally getting stuck in. Truly great people for the Scottish Speciality Coffee industry. 

Drew is actually a legend by the way.

They'll be pulling shots of our Nordic sourced Ethiopian Warqee lot VI - almost tea like in it's clarity, with notes of bergamot, lemon and cherry coming through. If you're not going to make it to Edinburgh or Glasgow (where are you - the moon?) you can buy it online HERE and we'll send it wherever you like.

You will be able to taste coffee by The Good Coffee Cartel at Cult for a limited time - from around the 22nd of January 2018. There will also be some retail bags out as well: not just from us, but some other badass roasteries from the UK and beyond. Get them checked out, and get into the good stuff. 

104 Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh EH8 9NG.

The boys also have pretty decent patter on Instagram. Get it in ye by clicking this: Cult's Insta.

So there goes the bold Cult Espresso - welcome to the Special Teams. Look out for more Special Teams coming in 2018.