Cartel Special Teams pt.iii: Little Bird Coffee House

Somewhere in the great white north, somewhere beyond The Wall lies a little town you may have heard of: they call it 'Inverness'. And within the boundaries of that town you will find the last bastion of delicious coffee, a veritable treasure trove of goodness where you can fill your boots before you reach the bleak wilds of the Highlands. And they call that place... Little Bird Coffee House. 

Opened in 2015, Jay and his squad are paving the way by introducing the Highlands to a range of espresso based and filter coffees from across the world. They have featured European heavy hitters in the game such as Five Elephant, The Barn & Gardelli, as well as some local heroes from home soil. Now they're about to ruin that good record by guesting some product from The Good Coffee Cartel.  

Only joking.

They know what they're talking about, that lot - especially when it comes to coffee. Added to their splendid coffee offering is a retail shop and a tasty menu featuring some of the best goddamn soup flavours you could imagine. Jason also uses the space in a variety of different ways, truly looking to create something for the community: from classes in Argentine tango, to Coffee House Sessions - a music showcase of Scottish artists.

We're starting to notice some themes with the people we work with: one being the idea of creating or being part of something bigger than just a coffee business. If coffee is one of the social cornerstones of society then we need to remember that while the focus is on making the product the best it can be, we shouldn't forget the 'social' bit of that. Not everything that we do has to be about making that almighty dolla - it is possible to provide something to your community that doesn't have a monetary value. That's what Little Bird do very well - something for the troops.

You will be able to taste coffee by The Good Coffee Cartel at Little Bird Coffee House for a limited time - from around the 10th February. Retail coffee available for brewing in your own house too.

The Ironworks Venue, 122 Academy Street IV1 1LX.

Get this Instagram checked for all the latest events and updates from the gang: Little Bird's Insta.

Pistols in the air, we are happy to have Little Bird on the Special Teams. Stay tuned for more Cartel Special Teams coming soon.