The 7 Principles of The Good Coffee Cartel

When we had the idea for The Good Coffee Cartel it was based on some basic principles. Most of them you could probably apply to running any business, but we don't know about that. Here they go:

#1: Coffee should be sourced responsibly. We have an obligation to the farmers and workers at origin, the baristas in the shop and YOU - the drinker - to make sure that the right money is going into the right pockets. This ensures sustainability and improvement across the board and means that we will be able to get good coffee long into the future.

It is also the right thing to do.  

#2: Coffee should always be delicious. Because it doesn't have to be the other thing.

#3: Mediocre, mundane, corny or boring will never be acceptable. In anything. Ever.

#4: No preaching, no pretension. Just damn good coffee. We let people choose their own level of involvement in this product we love, and we simply look to engage the people - we don't feel the need to out-and-out 'educate'.

#5: Always move forward: the day we stop developing, innovating, and taking risks is the day we stop. We want to progress the industry, and the way we do that is by always trying new stuff and sharing it with the community we build. We take risks with ourselves, so that we never have to take risks with you. We're looking to build a genuine community to further this industry - we want to change the behaviours of the masses, encouraging people to go to independent speciality coffee houses and forget about the generic chains. You can't do that with just one company. You need a team, a squad. That's what we're building. 

#6: Do our own thing. As a certain Irish sportsman says "winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners". So we just get on and do our thing. No bullshit.

#7 : We will listen to hip-hop on Fridays. No exceptions. 

We present these principles to you now with the hope that you can play your part in holding us to them. If you catch us slipping, call us out on it. We're humans who want to learn and improve - so tell us if you think there's something missing. We might tell you to go fuck yourself, but at least we're always listening.