Colombia - Caldas 200g

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The Good Coffee Cartel wouldn't be complete without some of Colombia's finest coffee. 

Caldas is primarily made up of the varietals Colombia & Caturra. 

Colombia was once the world’s largest producer of washed coffees, but has had to rebuild the coffee sector after a 2009 case of Leaf Rust decimated much of the production. Thanks to large investment in government run research stations, disease resistant varietals of coffee trees have been planted, and volume has increased from a low of around 7.5 million bags to over 12 million in 5 years. Their internal consumption is around 2 million bags. Colombia produces only washed Arabica coffee, from three main geographical areas trisected by the Andes mountain range.

In this coffee, look for high acidity and medium sweetness - think orange peel with some brown sugar and cherry to round it off.

We roast coffee every Tuesday, and then after our analysis and quality control we ship it out 1st Class Royal Mail on Wednesdays. Order this coffee by Mondays at 12 noon to guarantee delivery by the end of the week.