The Good Coffee Cartel X MiiR Reusable Tumbler 8oz (White Edition)
The Good Coffee Cartel X MiiR Reusable Tumbler 8oz (White Edition)

The Good Coffee Cartel X MiiR Reusable Tumbler 8oz (White Edition)

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The Good Coffee Cartel X MiiR 8oz Tumbler (White Edition)

Here's a re-usable tumbler we can proudly stand beside for a whole host of reasons. Product details as follows:

- Thermo 3D Vacuum Insulation Technology

- Keeps your coffee hot

- Keeps your white wine spritzer cold (or your beer)

- Double-wall insulated

- Does not sweat

- BPA free (this is Bisphenol A - a nasty ass industrial chemical. Our tumblers are free of that, so that's nice innit)

- 18/8 Medical grade stainless steel with a hardshell powder coat

- Cup holder compatible

- Lifetime MiiR guarantee

- Any takeaway coffee that we fill this cup with will cost you only £2 for the rest of your life. And that's a promise. 

MORE IMPORTANTLY: A purchase of this tumbler funds trackable clean water & health projects around the world. Register the Give Code on the base of the tumbler to experience the story and view photos of the projects that your purchase helps to fund. 

Here's a link to one of these projects.

At the core of what we do at The Good Coffee Cartel is innovation: we only want to bring you better, more considered products and reduce the impact that we're having on the environment. Not only are we looking at what we do INSIDE the roastery (recycling cardboard, composting coffee grounds - those are for the basics), and re-purposing coffee pallets & sacks (you've seen our garden, yes?) we also look closely at what we're putting OUT into the world each week. We're two years into our reusable retail and wholesale coffee packaging initiative, and we have eliminated single-use coffee packaging and single-use coffee cups completely. Not many businesses have done that yet. We're working harder and digging deeper for environmental sustainability. Take heart from that.

Also please enjoy your Miir tumbler if you're getting one it's a cracking wee piece so it is.