You wanna come and get us checked? Well you can! We have a bricks and mortar shop for you to visit. Our tables are made of an old bowling alley. We have a neon sign. Many plants. Bikes are hanging up. There is a back garden fenced in with old coffee pallets. We have pictures of Wes Anderson movies on the wall. And an original photocopy of the letter that Marty wrote Doc to save his life in Back to the Future. More often than not there are dogs knocking around.

Most importantly we have some of the most high performance coffee brewing equipment in the industry. We'll make you a coffee using that and it should be one of the nicest goddam coffees you've ever had.  

What should you do when you're there? Have a nice sit down and talk with friends. Grab a coffee and a donut on your way to work. Do some scrolling on a photo-sharing app. Do some work why don't you - but let's not be the guy who takes up an entire table with his laptop and sits for five hours to have one coffee, eh? Read a magazine. Bring your baby or your baby mamma. Go on a date. Whatever you do, do it with a coffee in your hand.

Anyway - find us here: 12 Cornwall Street, Kinning Park, GLASGOW G41 1AQ