To introduce ourselves: we are Courtney Brennan & Todd Whiteford. Two men who share a similar ethos when it comes to coffee, design & generally just how things should be done. Our combined experience in the coffee industry has led us here - founders of The Good Coffee Cartel: a place where we can work to our own ideas and principles, and share them with others. 
The key to anything we do is consideration - sometimes we're guilty of thinking too much - but no matter what your opinion of this coffee you can guarantee that it has not been taken for granted. When we think about putting a coffee into our range firstly we consider the processes involved in getting the coffee from the farm  to our roastery.
Coffee goes on such a journey that it is important that practices at origin are GOOD and that farmers are rewarded fairly for their hard work. We only ever work with green bean suppliers who share that attitude.
When we're happy with that, then we consider flavour characteristics of the coffee before carefully roasting it, analysing it, brewing it a million different ways, drinking a hell of a lot of it before deciding on the best way to present it to you.
Everything has been done for a reason, and quite simply that reason is because it tastes GOOD.

At the beginning of August 2017, we took on the lease of a former auto-parts store in Kinning Park, Glasgow. Our vision was to transform it from a dusty, greasy warehouse into a remarkable space. We believe that to truly drive a project forward it is important to be there every step of the way. The buck stops with us, so we have done the majority of the build out ourselves (with a little help from our friends of course).
We spent almost every day for three months smashing things up, ripping things out, and then building, painting, sanding before installing our bar and coffee roastery.
Have a wee scroll through the journey we took in transforming our building into the roastery below:
Although the main focus of what we do is wholesale coffee, we also realise that we have the ability to service a neighbourhood of potential coffee lovers. So we also run our coffee bar 9-5, seven days a week (10-4 on Sundays) . We're just here to showcase good coffee - but without being pretentious or elitist. This is coffee for the people. 
Courtney & Todd