"We didn't call ourselves The Cartel to just do tip-tap coffee supply to the neighbourhood. We came here to do demolition jobs."

Two different people. Two different ways of getting shit done. One over-riding idea - to only ever put out products that are GOOD, and that things can always be better. Where surgical precision meets blunt force trauma is where The Good Coffee Cartel lives. 
Having worked a lot of different coffee jobs, we have gained between us over twenty years of experience in dealing this particular drug. We have caffeinated hungover souls, perked up night-shift zombies and put some pep in the step of the commuter tribe. Thousands of dissertations have been completed with our help, and millions of energy-sapping miles have been driven under the influence of our stimulant of choice.
Our mission statement is: To cut new trails in the speciality coffee industry, with an environmental conscience and the intention to always do GOOD things. 
We have visited farms at origin, worked in roasteries, roasted, packed and delivered thousands of keys of this product. Although we know what we're doing, we continue to learn about this product with the ambition to keep making gains that translate to your experience as the customer.   
We have absolutely no intention of following in the footsteps of what has come before us in this industry. We're here to pioneer new ways. In the Scottish coffee community we have been on the front lines of re-usable and refillable packaging since we started out in 2017, and just very recently we've seen an upturn in other similar businesses adopting the same ethos. Relative to the gains we have made in saving packaging we actually say very little, but what we have said (or rather done) seems to be resonating.
We want to keep pioneering different approaches to the coffee industry. The day we stop innovating is the day we stop. Full stop. We'll be working our asses off to make sure that day never comes.