Brazil - Sao Paulo (Pulped Natural Catuai) 200g

Brazil - Sao Paulo (Pulped Natural Catuai) 200g

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Sao Paulo is a relatively new farm having been established as recently as 2008. However, there is by no means a lack of experience since the farm is owned by the Montanari family and is managed by fourth generation brothers, Roger and Marcello. Under the watchful eye of their highly experienced coffee farming father, the brothers are pushing the boundaries of modern coffee farming in Brazil.

This lot of pulped natural Catuai has been picked and pulped to remove all mucilage before being immediately dried on African style raised beds for air drying. This results in a cleaner cup than natural processed coffee, with brighter notes and a lighter body but with greater complexity. In recent times a new pulping system has been introduced that allows for a reduction in water by 75%. All processing takes place on the farm and the coffee is only hulled at the point of export and packed into grain pro sacks in order to preserve flavour and freshness.


Expect Dark Chocolate, Praline and Hazelnut


Suits espresso at 18.5g IN - 37g OUT in 26-28s. Also a mean French Press at a ratio of 60g/Litre on a 3-4 minute brew time. 


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