Bronco - Seasonal Blend 200g

Bronco - Seasonal Blend 200g

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Might cop me a Bronco to ride for the summer. 

We are pleased to present our second seasonal espresso blend. This is Bronco. 

BRazil ON COlombia. Bronco. Like the name suggests, it habitually bucks. A Pulped Natural Brazil is hazelnuts and chocolate, sugar browning. Washed Colombia brings clarity and character. We're still all about balance baby.  


Hazelnut and milk chocolate.


Espresso, 18.5g dry dose on an espresso grind to 38g out in 30 seconds.


Currently we roast every Tuesday and carry out our quality control, analysis and packaging on Wednesday. We ship everything from Wednesday-Friday and orders placed after 12 noon on Friday will be fulfilled the following week. All our coffees are shipped as whole beans.