Burundi Nayankurazo Lot 5 200g (Washed Red Bourbon - Sprigg Exclusive)

Burundi Nayankurazo Lot 5 200g (Washed Red Bourbon - Sprigg Exclusive)

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In the world before lockdown when we could go out and buy coffee in actual shops, speak to baristas and get within two metres of each other, we bought this lot to be roasted exclusively for our chums in town: Sprigg. 

Sprigg are coffee fanatics with the goal of bringing exceptional seasonal coffee to the heart of Glasgow. We have worked with Tom and his team at Sprigg since they opened their doors in August 2018 - but just because those doors are closed for the time being that doesn't mean you can't get your hands on some of the Good stuff that we had allocated for them. We've teamed up with Tom and the Sprigglets to make sure that we can keep things moving for them during this time.

£3 from every tin sold will go to the Sprigg team so that they can hit the ground running when we get on the other side of the quarantine. You can see more of what Sprigg is all about at


Super clean, bright acidity with flavours of raspberry and floral notes. 


Filter, 60g per 1ltr of water on medium-coarse grind.


Currently, we roast every Tuesday and carry out our quality control, analysis and packaging on Wednesday. We ship everything from Wednesday-Friday and orders placed after 12 noon on Friday will be fulfilled the following week. All our coffees are shipped as whole beans.