Colombia - La Virgen 200g

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The Good Coffee Cartel wouldn't be complete without some of Colombia's finest coffee. 

La Virgen is a farm with altitudes from 1890 - 2100 masl in Concordia in Antioquia. The altitudes and growing conditions makes it pretty unique. It’s about 34 hectares planted with coffee of different varieties.

We sourced this coffee from Nordic Approach who are an importer focused on only sourcing traceable quality green coffees with distinct flavour profiles. They build relationships directly with the farmers and work extensively on the ground in origin to contribute to product development: better quality harvests, bigger yields for the farmer. They only select and import coffees from the origins and regions they believe have the best potential. 


We find this coffee to be very fruit-forward and creamy. Think blueberries & blackberries.  


We roast coffee every Tuesday, and then after our analysis and quality control we ship it out 1st Class Royal Mail on Wednesdays. Order this coffee by Mondays at 12 noon to guarantee delivery by the end of the week.