Ethiopia - Adado (Natural Heirloom) 200g

Ethiopia - Adado (Natural Heirloom) 200g

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This naturally processed Ethiopia Adado comes from the Adado washing station near the kebele (village) or Shara in the woreda (district) of Guanga. Located in the Gedeo zone, this coffee is named after the local tribe "Adado." The region comprises 7,000 farmers, contributing to eight mills and exports 20–30 containers annually.

Stone fruit, and lots of it, is the predominant flavour profile of this area. Apricots and peaches with supportive citrus and floral higher tones come together in a delightful cup. The natural process of these lots really complement the typical profile of the washed coffee beautifully.


Expect sweet jammy flavours with some nice florals on the nose and a delicate acidity in the finish.


Every way imaginable. Espresso as a 18g-36g in 26-28s, Kalita 12g to 200ml for 2.5 minutes or a very serviceable French press at a ratio of 60g/Litre on a 3-4 minute brew time 


Currently we roast every Tuesday and carry out our quality control, analysis and packaging on Wednesday. We ship everything from Wednesday-Friday and orders placed after 12 noon on Friday will be fulfilled the following week. All our coffees are shipped as whole beans.