GOOD Enamel Camping Mug
GOOD Enamel Camping Mug

GOOD Enamel Camping Mug

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Ever the optimists, eh? Remember outside? Remember when you could venture off into the wilds and camp, brewing up a tasty coffee on the stove to pep you up before your adventures? We still remember. These enamel cups are kind of for that - but I brewed up a coffee in my kitchen this afternoon and had it in one of these and let me tell you it did a great job. It did a wonderful job, actually, of keeping the coffee contained in a manageable format on the kitchen table, while maintaining a reasonable temperature which decreased in a more-than-acceptable time frame. Enamel cups mate. Fantastic. 

Each cup has the word 'GOOD' written on the side, reminding you to - above all else - be GOOD. And do GOOD. And drink GOOD. On the other side it has our majestic stallion and our brand, reminding you to tell all your friends about your favourite neighbourhood coffee roaster. 

Wait 'til you get this wee piece out on the road, get some dents and scratches in it it'll look right proper. 


The enamel mug is recommended to be hand washed and thoroughly hand dried immediately to maintain the optimum quality and longevity as small rust spots may appear. This is an inherent characteristic of enamel mugs - please bear this in mind before purchasingEnamel mugs are not microwave or dishwasher safe.