Guatemala Finca La Esmeralda 1KG (Fully Washed)

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Don Crispin Matias lives with his wife Margarita and their six children. He explains that he came up with the name of his farm 'The Emerald' because he noticed that he had these beautiful gems on his farm. Crispin grew up in the countryside and always loved agriculture. However, before having his own farm he used to have a grocery store. At a certain moment he realised that his heart was with producing crops and decided to sell the shop and buy some land to start his coffee farm. Nowadays he feels proud about his work and achievements in the farm. He is also an active member of ASIAST, a coffee producer association in his town. 

Crispin's coffee consists of all the ripe harvested cherries that are depulped on the very same day of picking. The coffee is then fermented for two days and washed in the early morning. The beans are soaked in clean, cold water (with constant circulation of fresh water). After soaking the coffee is then sun-dried for five days on patios.


Crisp and bright with some Green apple tartness. A nice rounded caramel finish.


Best brewed as filter.


We roast coffee every Tuesday, and then after our analysis and quality control we ship it out 1st Class Royal Mail on Wednesdays for orders outside Glasgow. Everything within Glasgow will be delivered on Wednesday. Order this coffee by Mondays at 12 noon to guarantee delivery by the end of the week.