Rhinowares Stealth Black Milk Pitcher 12oz/360ml

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Made from the exact same materials as the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber* , be the envy of all your friends and improve your latte art with this Rhinowares milk pitcher.

*probably not true - here are it's real features:

- Premium double coated, non stick finish. Food safe and easy to clean.

- Well crafted spout design, perfect for smooth pouring and latte art.

- Ergonomically designed handle that assists in weight distribution while pouring, making it a perfect match for the busy barista. 

- We walk it like we talk it: these Rhinoware jugs are what we use in the espresso bar at The Cartel. So take it from professionals - these are the choice jug for your milk steaming and pouring.