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Maybe the ten most important coffees you’ll ever buy.

We are now selling coffees in advance. The Good Coffee Cartel currently has a small but very delicious team of hard-working, diligent and charismatic coffee professionals. Some of the best to ever do it. We will NOT be allowing them to struggle financially during this period of uncertainty in hospitality. For now our doors remain open - but it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the advice from the government is only the beginning of a downturn for businesses like ours. Our team will keep receiving their full wages - even if we are forced to be closed in a temporary lockdown situation - until we are out the other side of this mess. 

We do good things here. We’re committed to the wellbeing (physical, mental and financial) of our Cartel family. The job is tough enough without wondering whether or not you’re going to have shifts next week or the week after. So we’re doing all we can got make sure that our team don’t have to worry about that.  

So we’re now selling coffees in advance here. When you make your purchase, you’ll pick up the card next time you visit us. It’s worth ten coffees, which will be marked off as you claim them back. Easy enough innit? 

If you have ever enjoyed having coffee with us, then have a serious think about getting your (at this point presumably very clean) hands on one of these cards. They are available to collect in store as of Friday 20th March 2020.

Make no mistake - this is not a profit generating exercise. Any profits generated will be set aside for our team in the event that we have to temporarily close. If we don’t, we will be passing the profits to charities working hard with vulnerable members of our community.

We appreciate your support, always. Much love, and of course: ¡Viva!